Open Daily: 10am - 8pm
75 Bridge St, Manchester M3 2RH
0161 834 7846 or 0161 835 1224



We are recruiting massage therapists to join our friendly team on a full-time basis. Working at our Manchester city centre studio delivering a range of massage and holistic treatments.


  • consult with clients to gauge their massage needs and preferences and adjusting techniques to meet those needs
  • guide clients through the services available, helping them to choose the type of massage treatment most appropriate for them
  • maintain a detailed record history of each client, including information such as illness, medication, lifestyle and any past injuries
  • inform clients about available massage treatments and provide advice as to which treatments may be the most beneficial to them
  • perform therapeutic massages and apply the correct level of pressure to specific areas of the body
  • provide clients with advice about things such as posture, relaxation techniques and stretching, for improved general wellbeing.

Salary: £26,000.00 per annum


  • experience and qualifications required
  • must have a recognised certificate equivalent to the International Massage Diploma or Level 3 CPA
  • must have work experiences in aromatherapy massage, sport massage, classic Thai massage, head, neck & shoulder massage, foot massage, head massage, body massage, and relaxation facial treatment for at least 4 years.

In first instance, please register your interest by emailing your CV to: [email protected]