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Hot Stone Therapy

therapist placing a basalt stone on a woman's back, during a hot stone massage

Hot Stone Therapy

For top to toe relaxation, hot stone therapy is in a league of its own, combining the soothing touch of an experienced therapist, and the heat of specially selected stones which have been heated up to the perfect temperature to intensify relaxation.

As the massage progresses, stones are used as part of the treatment and either moved across your body or rested on specific points and left to radiate their heat.

In a treatment, the hot stones are heated until they are the right temperature, and then usually placed carefully on your back, the palms of your hands or between your toes. You’ll also be massaged with oils, and the combination of the two will leave you feeling absolutely divine. The heat helps to warm up your muscles, so you relax even more deeply and faster than you would in a normal massage. Your therapist may start to use a deeper pressure once you’re fully relaxed, as your muscles will be nicely pliable and it won’t be uncomfortable.

How does it feel?

Your therapist holds the hot stones in her hands at first to make sure they aren’t too hot to be placed on your skin. When she’s happy that they are perfectly warmed, the massage will begin. If they feel too hot for your liking, be sure to say something. It’s all about getting you relaxed, and as comfortable as possible. A hot stone massage is an ideal antidote for stress, anxiety and insomnia. If you feel a bit stressed out but you’re not in the mood for a knot-untangling massage, or just like a gentler massage anyway, it’s the perfect choice for you.

You’ll need to undress for a hot stone massage as the stones need to be in contact with your skin. The therapist will leave the room until you’re ready, so don’t worry about being shy. Then, when she re-enters the room, she’ll ask a few questions, and then she’ll begin applying oil to your body, to help the stones to glide smoothly. A treatment usually begins with you lying on your front so that she can work on the muscles of your back, and then you’ll turn over.

What is hot stone therapy good for?

It’s a favourite for stress, tension and anxiety, but it’s also a blissful release for all of those people who have aches and pains, especially in the back. Circulatory problems, arthritis and joint pain will also respond to a hot stone therapy session.

When to avoid hot stone therapy

If you’ve just had surgery, or treatment for cancer, you should speak to your doctor first, and also ask your doctor’s advice if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Always tell us if you suffer from any medical conditions so that we can adapt the treatment to your needs if necessary.

Please let your therapist know if you have any bruises, wounds, inflammation, hernias or recent fractures before you start.

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